Tyrosinemia a rare genetic metabolic disorder
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The Foundation


Our aim is to raise funds for research into the rare metabolic disease Tyrosinemia.
Although life expectancy has been greatly increased since the introduction of the drug Nitisinone, further research is necessary to improve the quality of life of patients.

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 Tyrosinemia Type 1

Without treatment, patients die. To survive, they need a low-protein diet, medication and nutritional supplements.

Tyrosinemia type 1 is a rare, inborn metabolic error disease. With metabolism, the nutrients are in charge and toxins are disposed of. Enzymes are very important in this process. If something is wrong with an enzyme, it accumulates in the body and there is a metabolic disease.

More about Tyrosinemia Type 1


Is necessary and costly

we finance
research of the  rare metabolic disease tyrosinemia type 1 to improve 
the quality of life

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Some personal stories of people with Tyrosinemia


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