True stories

Francaise born in 2002 (Age 15)


This young lady was diagnosed when she was 3 weeks old, after several blood and urine tests.
She is doing well and takes her treatment properly, although her diet is difficult for her.

During the winter months, her meals are often made of low-protein pastas and potatoes.
In the summer, she eats a lot of melons, cucumbers, strawberries and of course her low-protein food.

Since 2017, she has developed violent epileptic seizures. The most difficult thing for her is taking her amino acids every day. This, in combination with the normal problems of adolescence, makes her relationship with her parents more complicated.

The young lady’s wish is to be a normal child at school and to take part in normal everyday activities (like for example sport!).


It's hard to believe, but there are no
european guidelines for Tyrosinemia type 1 yet!


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