Finalised projects

The following projects have already raised money

By fundraising for the Foundation, you make medical research possible for the rare disease, Tyrosinemia 

If you DONATE, you will help these patients.


Karla’s 50th Birthday party

Karla turned 50 and celebrated her birthday with a big party.  Her motto is to “enjoy life and to think in possibilities”, like her nephew Joris who has Tyrosinemia.

As you maybe know, there is little to no money available for research and development of new treatment and care possibilities. That is why Karla asked her guests to give a donation to the Foundation - these donations will help Tyrosinemia patients in the future by funding research and developing projects for better care. 
Instead of presents, the Foundation received EUR 1.098.
Thank you Karla!


Mije runs for Tyrosinemia

When I moved to Mozambique in 2009 to work as a teacher at the Dutch School, I met Annelies. Her son Joris came into my class.

Joris has Tyrosinemia. I was shocked by the amount of daily medication he has to take and strict diet he has tofollow. Despite his metabolic disease, Joris is a funny, energetic and happy student. I enjoyed all my classes with him.

His mum became one of my best friends and in order to represent them and the foundation, I have run the Berlin marathon on September 29th.

It was 1 big party and I enjoyed the cheering people & bands. Thank you very much everyone who supported me and all Tyrosinemia patients!

Together we can make a difference!
Instagram: mije_rent_voor_tyrosinemie (Mije runs for Tyrosinemia)


Party Arnold & Everdien

Arnold & Everdien organized a party because Arnold turned 60, Everdien 50+ and they have lived 20 years together!
Everdien and the mum of Tyrosinemia patient Joris, are good friends. They met each other through their work at Rabobank.
Instead of presents, the guests donated EUR 840,-!


Funeral request. Grandma asks for donations instead of flowers

Helmeli, the grandma of Tyrosinemia patient, Casper, asked for donations of money for the Foundation, instead of buying flowers at her funeral. The foundation received EUR 1,020.


TinTin on a journey in Zambia

A few friends of Tyrosinemia patient Joris: Bert, Camiel, Haije, Hans, Meile and Sander travelled through Zambia.
They donated EUR 1,000 for hospitality and to support the foundation


Grandpa leaves legacy

Pake, grandpa of Tyrosinemia patient Joris, left a legacy in his testament of EUR 10,000.


Journey of time

The father of Tyrosinemia patient Lotte, ran 'AG'85 the Journey of Time' 300 km in 30 hours with his colleagues. They raised EUR 6,296.


Legacy Zijlstra

The uncle of Tyrosinemia patient, Joris, donated EUR 6,000 when he died.


10 miles in Zwolle

The church community of Tyrosinemia patient, Hidde's parents, took action during the 10 miles run in Zwolle. They raised EUR 4,563.


2Charity Run Hilversum

18 ambassadors run together with the uncle and aunt of Tyrosinemia patient Joris, to fundraise. They made EUR 27,000.


Retirement gift donation

The uncle of Tyrosinemia patient, Nina, wanted to contribute to medical research into this rare disease. He donated his retirement gift of EUR 500 for working for 12.5 years, to the Foundation.


Kennedy mars

Promoter Nicole, who lost brothers and sisters to Tyrosinemia, ran the Kennedymars. She raised EUR 2,770.


Pub quiz profit by Lions Club Amsterdam

The Lions Club Amsterdam organized a pub quiz and doubled the profit made to EUR 1,800, and donated it to the Foundation.


Grandma makes EUR 600 at her party

Instead of presents, the grandma of Tyrosinemia patient, Casper, preferred money for the Foundatoon. At her party she fundraised EUR 600.


Soccer tournament Hoofddorp

Geldwinkel Kennemerland organized a soccer tournament in Hoofddorp. They raised EUR 1,000 for more medical research into Tyrosinemia.


NAM Assen has no industrial accidents

If no industrial accidents happen in a year, the employees of NAM Assen can choose a charity to donate their money to. The foundation got EUR 1,000.


Donations instead of wedding presents

The parents of Tyrosinemia patient, Joris, asked for donations instead of presents for their wedding. They received EUR 4,696.


Orange gala at Frouckje Estate

With beautiful spring weather, a charity event was organized at Frouckje Estate. They fundraised EUR 9,250 to continue medical research into Tyrosinemia.


Jan Schoo Charity Foundation

The Jan Schoo Charity Foundation, which is funded to help children with diseases, donated EUR 10.000.  With this donation, the first medical research could start.


Charity concert Jochem van Gelder

Actor Jochem Van Gelder gave a fantastic charity concert for children. The whole profit went to the Tyrosinemia Foundation.


Nick and Simon Concert

The Tyrosinemia Foundation organised a concert with the Dutch singers ‘Nick and Simon’. Rabobank bought all the tickets (about 2,000) for their young customers aged 6-12 years. The profit went to the Foundation.


It's hard to believe, but there are no
european guidelines for Tyrosinemia type 1 yet!


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