Fundraising voor verbeterde medicijnen

Fundraising to optimise a medicine

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During the Stofwisseltour on October 2nd, Joris and his friends: Lisanne, Suze, Tine, Greg, Haije, Louk and Sander will cycle between 50 – 100 km to fundraise money for ongoing research.

The Dutch Centre of Expertise for Phenylketonuria and Tyrosinemia, at UMCG (Groningen, The Netherlands), previously has shown that phenylalanine supplementation in Tyrosinemia Type 1 patients can prevent low phenylalanine concentrations. However, it has a risk of increasing tyrosine concentrations, which can damage various organs in the body and lead to severe liver failure, liver cancer, kidney problems and neurological problems.

This research is aiming to improve the phenylalanine uptake in the small intestine. Hopefully, this will result in a more stable phenylalanine and tyrosine concentration during the day, for Tyrosinemia Type 1 patients.

For this project, the Tyrosinemia Foundation is working together with the UMCG and the Dutch company ForTe B.V.

The Tyrosinemia Foundation is going to contributes EUR 27.500 for this research.

The cyclists are hoping to fundraise EUR 1.500 for this event!